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5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Veneer

1. Veneer that you order may not exactly match the sample that you have purchased.

Our veneer turnover is high, while the sample and the veneer that you purchase will be from the same species, both may be from different batches and variation between the two may occur.


2. Veneer from the same species will vary in grain and colour.

Colour and grain variation is common in real wood veneer, some species are more constant. This means that the veneer you purchase may not exactly match your existing project veneer.


 3Veneer is sanded and un-finished.

As with any real wood product the veneer must be finished. This can be achieved with a varnish, oil or stain. Additionally, finishing is how you can attain the desired colour to match your project.


4. When choosing a veneer to match to an existing project, base your choice on the matching species not the closest colour.

Some customers mistakenly purchase a veneer, that from an image, seems to match the colour of their veneer project. Choose the same species and achieve close colour match by finishing.


5. If in doubt of the veneer species you need, purchase a sample first before committing to buying larger amounts.

We provide samples of all veneers on our website for a small cost. We are also happy to receive samples from customers and offer advice before purchase.