How to Apply Iron on Wood Veneer

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What is Iron on Wood Veneer?

Wood Veneer is a thin layer of real wood that is applied to the surface of another material, such as MDF, which will give the appearance of a solid wood finish. This makes a project much less expensive than working with solid wood. The wood veneer is available in many species, some of the  most commonly used are Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Ash and Birch. Iron on Veneer has an adhesive on the back which when heated allows easy application to the surface material. It's uses are many and include cabinets, doors, tables, worktops, stair stringers and skirting.


How to Apply a Single Wood Veneer Sheet

  •  Make sure that the surface material is clean and dry to ensure that the adhesive on the back of the veneer will bond well to the surface.

  •  Place the veneer sheet onto the surface, allow an overhang of approximately 2mm at each edge to allow for shrinkage, this will be trimmed at the end of the process.

  • Set the iron to a medium heat setting. Move it along the veneer sheet, apply some downward force. You can protect the veneer by using a piece of plain paper between the iron and the veneer.

  • To ensure that the veneer sheet fully adheres to the surface use a small block of wood and move it along from one end to the other while the adhesive is still hot. Continue to apply pressure until the adhesive has cooled and hardened.

  • Remove the excess veneer from each overhanging edge with a sharp Stanley blade.

  • Remove sharp edges by lightly sanding with a 120-grit sand paper.

How to Apply Iron on Wood Veneer                         


How to Apply Multiple Wood Veneer Sheets

  • Place the additional veneer sheet next to the first bonded sheet as close as possible. A veneer tape can be used to secure both sheets together along the joint.

  • Follow the process outlined above to heat the adhesive, applying downward force as you move along the veneer. Start form the opposite side and work toward the joint.

  • Repeat as necessary for additional veneer sheets.

  • To remove the veneer tape wipe with a damp sponge and peel away.

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How to Apply Iron on Wood Veneer