Maple & Maple Veneer

Thursday, 15 May 2014  |

Maple Timber

Maple is a hard wood in the genus Acer. The tree has more than one hundred species, most of which are native to Asia. A number of species are also found in North America, Africa, and Europe. Maple timber is loved by many for its impressive properties, mainly beauty and strength. Although maple is a hard wood, its wood is categorized into two, hard maple and soft maple. The type or characteristics of wood largely determine the use to which the timber is used.

It has a creamy-white sapwood, at times with a pink shade, and light to reddish brown heartwood. It has a closed grain, which is generally straight though it can have distinctive birds eye, curly, or quilted patterns, which is generally only apparent when the wood is sawn.

Maple Timber & Veneer


Maple is relatively resistant to rot although it is somewhat susceptible to insect damage. Hard maple wood is resilient and generally longer-lasting than many varieties of timber. Timber from maple is particularly tough and ideal for floor covering, where the floors are subjected to heavy treading e.g. in concert halls, stairs, arenas and basketball court. Hard and soft maple wood can be used in a number of ways ranging from making household items, to building and construction. It is used to make cue sticks for pool game and cutting boards as well. Maple is considered a tone-wood, a wood that carries sound waves relatively well. Thus, it finds application in various musical instruments such as violins, guitars and drums, among others.


Maple Veneer

Maple veneer is a very thin layer of Maple, which is laid on chipboard, plywood, or MDF boards. Having a board overlaid with Maple veneer has more economical benefits than solid Maple timber. Maple Veneer Edging tape can be used to cover the exposed edges of a Maple veneer board, and can serve the purpose of repairing or replacing edging on an existing piece of work, such as a table or cupboard. We stock Maple Edging and many other species of veneer, visit us to find out more.


Maple Veneer Edging Tape