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Wood Veneer Sheets - High Quality at Great Prices

Wood Veneer Sheets 

The Wood Veneer Sheets are real wood, furniture grade veneer of excellent quality. They are 0.5mm in thickness, fleeced and sanded. Available in 1-10 metre rolls. They give an authentic solid wood finish to your project.

The Pre-glued Veneer Sheets are available in widths 100, 150 & 200mm. The adhesive is on one side of the sheet and is heat activated and can be applied with a normal household iron. Great for plinths & shelving.

The Un-glued Veneer Sheets are available in 300mm width. Application is generally with a Contact Adhesive. These sheets are ideal for larger areas such as face material and stair stringers. You will likely find it easier and faster to apply, and obtain better results over these larger areas using un-glued material with a contact adhesive, compared with pre-glued and the hot iron technique.

22mm Oak (white) Veneer Edging

22mm Oak (white) Veneer Edging£1.00  -  £45.70

30mm Oak (white) Veneer Edging

30mm Oak (white) Veneer Edging£1.00  -  £54.12

50mm Oak (white) Veneer Edging

50mm Oak (white) Veneer Edging£1.00  -  £91.08

200mm Oak (white) Veneer Sheets

200mm Oak (white) Veneer Sheets£4.80  -  £48.00

300mm Oak (white) Veneer Sheets Un-glued

300mm Oak (white) Veneer Sheets Un-glued£7.20  -  £72.00

22mm Oak (white) Veneer Edging Un-glued

22mm Oak (white) Veneer Edging Un-glued£1.00  -  £45.70

30mm Oak (white) Veneer Edging Un-glued

30mm Oak (white) Veneer Edging Un-glued£1.00  -  £54.12

50mm Oak (white) Veneer Edging Un-glued

50mm Oak (white) Veneer Edging Un-glued£1.00  -  £91.08