Customer Showcase - Derek, Cornwall

Monday, 10 November 2014  |

We love hearing back from our customers about the projects they are creating using the edging that they buy from us. Derek from Cornwall is an avid model railway enthusiast and is using Cherry Veneer edging to fit out the inner compartments of the carriages of a model of a Southern Railway train that he is creating. The train is modelled on those that serviced the large Atlantic liners out of Southampton.

Southern Railway Carriage

Carriage Outer Wall

Carriage Outer Wall Inner Compartment Wall

Derek creates the outer carriage wall and sandwiches a clear plastic between this and the Cherry Veneer edging, which forms the inner compartment wall of the carriage, as the images to the left demonstrate. The project is work in progress and we're looking forward to an update on the finished carriages!


If you would like to feature on our customer showcase please get in touch.