Wood Veneer Collage - How to make one

31 August 2018  |  edgeband.co.uk




Got some scraps of Wood Veneer? Then why not get crafty and create a collage using the off-cuts!


What you will need:

  • Paper, pencil, scissors & glue
  • Selection of Wood Veneers
  • Wooden Panel
Wood Veneer Edging


Draw your picture and cut out veneer shapes
  • Decide on the picture that your would like to create with your collage. You can draw it out on a piece of A4 paper to refer to. We've chosen a Union Jack flag.


  • Start cutting out your shapes from the wood veneer using sharp scissors or you could use a sharp Stanley knife. We've used Cherry and Walnut Veneer edging and Oak Veneer Sheet off-cuts that we had left over in the workshop.


  • Once you have cut out all of your shapes place them on the wooden panel or whatever backing you have decided to use, we've used a piece of Ash. Once you have them placed where you want them you can start to glue them on. You can use wood glue or even super glue. Wipe off excess as you go. Leave to dry and then varnish.
Wood Veneer Collage


Collage made from veneer off-cuts

Veneer wood collage on Ash











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