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Our infographic highlights 5 points to consider before purchasing your veneer.


Buying Wood Veneer


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Looking for an easy solution to the sealing of MDF edges?

A great alternative is MDf edging tape, known as Paintable Edging Tape, which provides an easy way for you to get a beautifully finished, professional looking edge on your boards, ready for painting, quickly & cleanly.


MDF Edging Tape


16 January 2014  |

Sealing MDF edges can be time consuming and messy. Paintable Edge Banding Tape is a great alternative which provides a quick and clean way to attain a perfect edge on your MDF boards or other panels such as Plywood or Chipboard.

Sealing MDF Edges

16 January 2014  |

Follow the 5 simple steps to apply your edge banding tape for great results.

Applying Edge Banding

16 January 2014  |

Follow our step by step guide on painting MDF edges and achieve a great result on your boards.