Wood Veneers

15 May 2014  |  edgeband.co.uk

Maple is a hard wood in the genus Acer. The tree has more than one hundred species, most of which are native to Asia. A number of species are also found in North America, Africa, and Europe. Maple timber is loved by many for its impressive properties, mainly beauty and strength.

Maple Veneeer

30 April 2014  |  edgeband.co.uk

Walnut is a popular timber used in cabinet & furniture making. Read more about this beautiful wood.

Walnut Veneer Edging

23 April 2014  |  edgeband.co.uk

Iron on Wood Veneer is very easy to apply and gives the appearance of a solid wood finish, making projects more economical. Follow our step by step guide on applying veneer sheets to your surface material.

Oak veneer Sheet

1 April 2014  |  edgeband.co.uk

Veneer is a thin covering of wood, used in woodworking, and designed to be glued onto a board such as MDF. There are several types and it has many uses and advantages over using solid wood.

2 Comments16 January 2014  |  edgeband.co.uk

White Oak has a closed grain and it's colouring may vary from light to darker brown or brown with yellow tones. White Oak veneer boards, where a thin layer of Oak is applied to the face of a material such as plywood or MDF, have major advantages over using solid oak timber, as well as being more economical they do not warp and are relatively flaw free which means less waste.

Oak Veneer Edging

16 January 2014  |  edgeband.co.uk

Teak is a highly valued timber mainly due to it's water resistance and durability. It has a tight, generally straight grain and high oil content which make it particularly desirable for outdoor applications such as boat making. Teak Veneer is a thin layer of Teak laid over a board such as MDF, Plywood or Chipboard.

Teak Veneer