Finishing MDF Edges

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Looking For A Better Solution To Sealing MDF Edges?

Finishing MDF and achieving a good finish on the edges can be a time consuming and messy job. The MDF is porous and requires sealing, methods include using PVA filler, primers and a lot of sanding!


A great alternative is MDf edging tape, known as Paintable Edging Tape, which provides an easy way for you to get a beautifully finished, professional looking edge on your boards, ready for painting, quickly & cleanly.


MDF Edging Tape Free Sample MDF Edging Tape


Applying MDF Edging Tape

Paintable Edging Tape is available pre-glued or un-glued. Un-glued edging is generally used with a glue pot edgebander machine. Pre-glued edging can be used with a hot air edgebander or is simply ironed on to your MDF edge with a normal iron on a medium setting.

Once the edging has adhered to the edge the excess is trimmed with a sharp Stanley blade and any rough edges lightly sanded, it is then ready for painting or spray painting. All paint types can be used, water and solvent based.


Benifits of MDF Edging Tape

» Pre-glued Paintable Edging is simply ironed on and trimmed

» Suitable for general painting or spray painting

» All paint types can be used, water & solvent based

» No hassle, quick, clean & easy

» Achieves a smooth, beautifully finished, professional looking edge

» Easy to work with, even for beginners

» Also suitable for Plywood, Chipboard & other furniture panels

» Available in many widths

» Save time & money


Edging Tape For MDF


Where To Find Paintable Edging Tape

We stock Paintable Edging tape pre-glued and un-glued. It is available in many widths including 22, 30, 40, 45 & 50mm at a thickness of 0.4mm. Several roll sizes are available from 5 to 100 metres, samples are also offered.

Please visit us at to purchase through our on-line shop or call us on 01993 800 228 to find out more.


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