Oak & Oak Veneer

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Oak Timber

Oak is from the genus Quercus which contains several hundred species of tree. It is a hard wood and native to the northern hemisphere. Within it's genus White Oak is the most commonly used in the UK.

White Oak has a closed grain and it's colouring may vary from light to darker brown or brown with yellow tones.

It is very strong and dense, around 0.75g/cm3 and is very resistant to rot and insect attack due to it's high tannin content which makes it very appealing for outdoor furniture and boat building. It has a beautiful grain, especially when crown or quarter cut. Other uses include cabinet making, flooring, panelling and veneer.

Oak Grain

Oak Veneer

White Oak veneer boards, where a thin layer of Oak is applied to the face of a material such as plywood or MDF, have major advantages over using solid oak timber, as well as being more economical they do not warp and are relatively flaw free which means less waste.

An Oak Veneer Edging strip can then be applied to the uncovered edge of the board. The veneer edging tape can be of the pre-glued, iron on variety and is easily applied to the board with an everyday household iron, or for more industrial production an Edge Banding machine may be used to apply the veneer edging. Oak Veneer Sheets are also available pre-glued and can be ironed on, these veneer sheets are suitable for face material, skirting, plinths and stair stringers.

White Oak Edging


Bob Lock
10 February 2016  |  18:25

Hi there, can I stain the white oak real wood veneer, as I want to intersperse it with strips of white and medium oak. Best wishes, Bob Lock

10 February 2016  |  18:35

Hi Bob,

yes you can stain the Oak wood veneer. As it is a real wood it requires finishing after application with a finishing product such as a stain or varnish to seal the wood.