Sealing MDF Edges

Thursday, 16 January 2014  |

Sealing MDF Edges often takes quite a lot of time and can be quite messy. The MDF edge is quite porous and most use PVA glue and filler to seal it.

An alternative is Paintable Edge Banding Tape, which provides a quick and clean way to attain a perfect edge on your MDF boards or other panels such as Plywood, or Chipboard.


Paintable Edge Banding Tape


Paintable Edge Banding Tape

Paint Grade Edging is available pre-glued or un-glued. The un-glued variety is generally used with a glue pot Edgebander machine. Pre-glued can simply be ironed on to your boards with a normal household iron. Once the edging has been applied the surplus can be trimmed and after a light sand the edge is ready for painting or spray painting. See our guide on How to Apply Edging Tape.

We supply Paintable Edging in a variety of widths and lengths from 5m to 100m rolls. Samples are also available.